Maybe I ought to explain …

I showed my husband a post from here and he saw the blog name and asked what I meant by it.  It occurred to me that probably other people who’ve been here have wondered the same thing.  So here’s what my (alleged) thinking was.

I have always understood being “off the grid” means being disconnected from the standard utility and power system.  If you run your electric off wind power or solar power, and don’t hook up to natural gas via your friendly neighborhood gas company, you are “off the grid”.

We went through an extended period of unemployment a little over 5 years ago.  Little by little, the Lord used this time to disconnect us from a lot of things we didn’t need.  I can not even imagine “recreational shopping” or “shopping therapy”; it used to be something I did without even thinking about it.  I’ve learned that if I would like to read a book, I can probably reserve it at the library and I don’t have to spend big bucks buying it in hardback from Amazon.  Movies are just as good (maybe better) if you get THEM from the library instead of paying big bucks at a first-run theatre.  The popcorn is cheaper too.  Clothes fit just as well, wear just as long and look just as good if they don’t have fancy designer brands. And amazingly, I can get to work on the bus or our Chevy Aveo just as well as I could if I drove a luxury car.  Imagine that!

Slowly, bit by bit, the Lord took me off the world’s power grid and put me on Son power.  Being a believer in Jesus Christ with no use for the world’s frippery means that from the world’s standpoint you really ARE off the grid — out of touch with all the things too many people think are really important.  You act differently and you may find that “on the grid” people don’t like to hang out with you because you don’t listen to gossip, think getting drunk after work is fun, care for bad language and people casually taking Jesus’ name in vain and you don’t find dirty jokes funny.  Never mind that you talk about God a lot.

So I’m off the world’s grid.  And I’m really, truly glad that it is so.

On my Sansa:  “Turn, Turn, Turn” by The Byrds

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