It’s over! (Almost …)

Today begins my last week of classes.  I’m taking Intro to Geography and Commercial Photography.  After we got the financial aid tango over with, this semester has pretty much gone swimmingly, and I should have an A and a B, assuming I don’t completely tank the last few quizzes, etc., and that my photography instructor doesn’t completely hate my last project.  Theoretically, I could get an A in Photography, but I’m not counting on it.  A “B” will do just fine. 

I came into going back to school as an adventure.  And it was, at first, but it’s been a long three years and I very much want to have it over with — to have my evenings back, not to wake up in the middle of the night obsessing over a deadline, or to work long hours into the night (usually, to be honest, because I procrastinated).  Besides, I am using what I have learned on a daily basis at work and that brings me a great deal of pleasure.

It will also mean more time with Tom, my husband, that doesn’t involve long car trips to Lakeland and back to Euclid and time at Kinkos or time at the Photo Lab or … (you get the picture). Dearest and most beloved — I couldn’t have done it without you. I think I may have said that before, but it deserves to be said again.

So on with the rest of the week.  And while I’m at it, thanks to (in no particular order):  Angela, Dawn, Megan, Karen, the late (and much lamented) Christopher Hulewicz (Hooley), Mr. Merchant, Mr. Samiec, Mr. Lillbeck, Mr. Vaughn (both on ’em!) and lots more folks that my fuzzed up Monday brain refuses to bring to memory.  I owe you all, and am richer for having known you.  Agape, y’all.


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