Working to Overcome Disappointment

I’ve been attending Lakeland Community College now for almost three years.  I thought I was going to graduate after this semester — I even went through commencement.

Unfortunately, due to how the Feds love to create lots of rules and regs, everything may be messed up.

I had signed up for three classes in Spring:  Life Drawing II, Package Design and Graphic Design Portfolio.  (I should mention that I’m majoring in Graphic Design, no?)  After attending one Life Drawing class, which was on the Saturday before the “drop dead” date, I realized that because of how the instructor was handling the class (which was “mixed”; mostly Life Drawing I with 2 or 3 of us taking II), it was mostly going to rehash what I had taken in LD I.  It didn’t seem worthwhile. 

Well, due to the timing and the weather (I don’t have a ‘net connection at home) and the fact that the following Monday was Dr. King’s birthday and the school was closed, it was the following Tuesday before I changed LDII for a class in Lakeland’s Weekend College.  Didn’t seem like a big deal and no one said anything.  But it has turned out to be.

Because I transferred in credits from my time at Kent State (number deleted) years ago, I am under a “Max Time” warning.  And because of the timing of the change in classes, they consider me as having tried 11 hours (instead of the 8 it really was) and the upshot of this all is that I have no financial aid (being all Federally-supplied Stafford Loans).  And this is a problem.

Oh, I filed an appeal, but the bottom line is that I’m hurtin’ — I have no way to pay for tuition, et al.  I’m utterly dependent on my FA to go to school.

If you’re a believer and you read this, please ask the Lord to help me get this straightened out.  And if He has closed this door for some reason — ask Him to help me accept this and to deal with it.  I know I can’t do it without Him.


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