It didn’t look at all like Christmas

While I have offered to host Christmas (my husband and I, and his mom and Aunt Betty are the only ones in the area) for our family and have been turned down, with varying levels of grace, depending on my mother-in-law’s mood at the time, I appreciate my mother-in-law wanting to do it and so she does.  But she doesn’t have to leave the house on Christmas day, and Tom drops me off (on his way to pick up Aunt Betty) to help.  So I don’t see why we can’t have a white Christmas.  Tom’s good at driving in snow and no one else has to.  Call me strange, but it really doesn’t seem like Christmas without snow. 

I know I sound like some aged curmudgeon (at 46), but Christmas these days isn’t like when I was young (harumph, ptui!) and the weather over the past few years has been a big part of that.  Hasn’t even been enough snow to cross-country ski in.  Why, I remember, mutter, mutter (fades off into inaudible ramble about the ‘good old days’ and ‘three feet of snow’ and ‘walked uphill both ways’).

So pardon me, but if there’s gonna be Christmas, there’s got to be snow.


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