I’d rather be right (or left, or anything) than be President ..

Looking around at the crop of Presidential wanna-bes is a depressing proposition.  Not one of them inspires me to want to even vote, let alone get involved as I have in the past.

 In college (first time around), I was in a class called the Presidency, and our prof ran a 2-week simulation.  My younger (and much more ambitious self) got to take the lead role.  It’s a thankless job, really; if things are going well, well, that’s how they’re supposed to be.  And when things go wrong — ouch!  Presidents get blamed for things they don’t even come near and rarely get acknowledged for things they do well.

This leads me to my next thought:  Anyone who wants to be President is certifiable.  What this country needs is not a good five-cent cigar, but to find some empty-nester soccer mom who was really good at organizing fundraisers and carpools (but never wanted to be president of anything) and DRAFT her.  She’d almost certainly be better than the professional pols who just want to be in the history books, as far as I can tell.

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