Nothing in particular … (or how do I get started?)

I have another blog; let’s just get that on the record.  It’s at and it’s about the Persecuted Church.  But that’s not personal stuff, in fact it’s really important for me to keep “me” off that site.  It’s not ABOUT me, after all, it’s about my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who face persecution for what they believe, sometimes from the government and sometimes just from their neighbors or any random mob which happens by.  So that’s one thing.

But I wanted a place where I could rant and rave about whatever caught my eye.  So here it is.  (My husband will be grateful that I will be cutting down on ranting and raving at him.)

My first (and only, today) order of business is to thank TPTB at Lubrizol in Willowick, OH for the scholarships I found on my Lakeland Community College account yesterday.  I am truly grateful for their help.


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